Dear friends.

We trust you are well and that you are making the best of the current situation. This major event has shown us that we are all connected through the breathe and how precious life is. All this is shifting the paradigm of our lives. But throughout history, the question has always been the same; do I choose love or fear? And when our routine is toppled, many of us have fear of the unknown. The constant attention to this only brings more.

Meditation and intention are tools that we have practiced throughout your yogic path so, if anyone holds the secret to getting through any situation, it is us yogis. Calming the mind through meditation coupled with clear intent are a sure combination to not relying on the exterior situation to dictate our inner wellness.

Allow your innate health to flourish for it waits only for you to join it.

As for the practical question of when we will be able to enjoy a group dynamic, your guess is as good as ours. Our primary concern representing Soluna is that we all be safe. With the present uncertitude of whether this invader will persist as we now slowly open up, our intuition is that we play it safe.

So, until further notice, Soluna will remain closed. Know that you, as clients who have credit either with monthly suscriptions or with numbered classes will still have them when we can all resume classes. Soluna will therefore adjust expiration dates accordingly.

It's frequently said that one does not know how good something is until it's gone. We the staff at Soluna yearn to reconnect with your life-loving energy and we remain in anticipation of seeing your smiles again... and to share the sacred practice of yoga.

We wish you health and happiness.


Soluna team


Soluna – a Center for Health and Well-Being

With two centers in the heart of Geneva, Soluna allows you to practice yoga no matter where you live, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, without pressure or constraints.

Soluna is an independent yoga center where you will experience the benefits of Hatha yoga (postures yoga) in a dynamic and rigorous style, as well as a fun and relaxing manner.

In order to serve you better, Soluna's philosophy is to offer a varied class schedule – whether you opt for the pre-paid card or the unlimited pass formula – with low prices, unlimited and flexible attendance.

We are not Masters or Gurus, but like you, we enjoy this art of living and we have chosen to share it together. Our entire team of instructors at Soluna is looking forward to welcoming you in laidback environment—without dogma or doctrine—and practice with you from the heart.